03.12.16 Update

Initial Reports of Investigation & Impact; Repair Plan Submitted for Approval

The MDEQ shared initial findings of its investigation of the leak which aligns with previous views that an ice formation was the cause of the incident. The report notes, “ice forming around the standpipe screen, and then the water level rising and pulling the standpipe out of place, caused the failure in the pond.” More information is available at the DEQ’s site.

This week, the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) performed the first evaluation and fish sampling of the streams in an effort to understand any potential impacts to the fishery. We had Confluence Engineering help FWP with their testing efforts. FWP shared on Friday that the impact on fish seems to be minimal.

On 3/12, the finalized repair plans and specifications were submitted by Morrison Maierle Inc. to MDEQ for review and approval. Work continues on the site to prepare for the pending repair by Williams Civil Contracting. We are hopeful to have a MDEQ approved repair plan by next week.

Photo of Montana FWP sampling team on March 11, 2016

Montana FWP Sampling Team