03.13.16 Update

MDEQ conference call set for Monday, 3/14; Dry working pads and waterproof dams created around work site; Water quality testing continues

Pond Repair: MDEQ engineers requested a conference call on Monday, March 14, with Morrison Maierle Inc. to further discuss the design and possibly offer live comments.  YC will also participate in the call. We remain hopeful to have a design approval mid-week.  Crews from Williams Civil Construction continue cleanup efforts and have started cleaning the steel sleeve in preparation for a video inspection. Sand and gravel have been installed around the site to create better access and dry working pads. Workers have built waterproof dams around the work site allowing them to pump any melted snow and ice out and keep the work area clean.

 Testing: Water quality testing continues with the MDEQ and YC teams. We should have initial results from the early testing efforts this week. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks completed their fish survey on Friday. They will ultimately do 2-3 additional surveys over the course of the next few months.

Photos of dam being built around site to control ice melt from saturating the work area; steel sleeve being cleaned for TV inspection on March 13, 2016