04.15.16 Update

Pond Repairs are Complete & Pond is Operational  

As of March 28, Yellowstone Club’s pond is operating as designed. The repair plan and process, approved by Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), involved a number of partners: Williams Civil Construction executed the repairs; Morrison Maierle Engineering inspected repairs and provided third-party oversight; and MDEQ approved the plan and made site visits throughout the repair. There are still some aesthetic tasks to complete around the perimeter of the pond including fencing, telemetry and riprap of the underdrain outfall channel.  None of those items are critical to pond operation and are on track to be completed when the ground thaws.

YC is working with MDEQ Enforcement Division to create a slope remediation plan for the eroded hillside. Confluence Engineering is developing a plan and will submit to MDEQ in the next few months. The organizations are expected to collaborate on an approved plan and slope remediation will be performed in the summer, once the ground is completely thawed.

Initial testing shows minimal impact to waterways and wildlife, but Gallatin River Task Force (http://www.gallatinrivertaskforce.org/), will continue to report on the latest findings. YC will also perform its own upstream and downstream water quality monitoring and takes that responsibility very seriously. Confluence Engineering, who is authorized by MDEQ, will perform related testing on behalf of YC. In addition Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks requested YC perform habitat analysis which includes measurements on stream morphology, structure, vertebrate and micro-vertebrate samplings. All YC testing will continue following the spring runoff and through the summer.

Photos of completed inlet pipe assembly and final pressure test, performed by onsite engineer, on newly installed pipe on April 13, 2015