03.10.16 Update

Continued Collaboration on the Repair Plan

Workers are busy preparing the site for repair and extracting damaged material in anticipation of an approved repair plan (which needs to be submitted to and approved by MDEQ).

Our collaborative repair plan continues with engineers from MDEQ, BSWSD, YC and geotechnical experts. Yesterday, we met for several hours to conduct a site tour and secure the full team’s experiential input on repairs for the pond.  As a result of that meeting, today we will submit an engineered plan to MDEQ for its approval.

To ensure a thoughtful approach to possible erosion related to the incident, Confluence Engineering was tasked today with evaluating control mitigation devices that can be placed in the disturbed areas from the incident to help mitigate additional sedimentation transport from the anticipated spring runoff.

Testing: MDEQ continues the testing of all waterways with its enforcement division. Additionally, YC, Confluence Engineering and the Gallatin River Task Force will continue testing today.  It is anticipated that those results will be available next week. For results, please visit the Gallatin River Task Force. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is doing an evaluation today to assess any impacts to the fish populations in the receiving waters.

Photos of MDEQ engineer inspection and YC, Confluence Engineering and Gallatin River Task Force testing water below pond on March 9, 2016