03.16.16 Update

Repair plan approval status; Repair preparations update; Reclamation analysis

Status of Repair Plan Approval: On March 15, 2016, YC, Morrison Maierle Inc., and lead engineers from the MDEQ discussed the repair plan YC submitted to the MDEQ on March 11, 2016. Comments from all parties were compiled, and based upon those comments, an updated and revised repair plan was submitted to the MDEQ. We anticipate that the MDEQ will review the revised repair plan immediately, and we will soon have repair plan approval so that repairs can begin.

Preparation Continues as Repair Plan Awaits Approval: While we work through approval of the repair plan, our crews continue to prepare the site for repair work. Crews completed a review of the casing pipe that carried the water out of the pond, so we could confirm there is no damage to the pipe. A camera was used to view the entire length of the pipe and Morrison Maierle engineers on site were able to confirm that the casing pipe was not damaged by the incident. As a next step to prepare the site, we will work on grouting the pipe, removing the damaged liner, and removing soil in order to create construction platforms that will provide access for the pond repair work.

Reclamation: We are also analyzing possible damage to the land caused by erosion.  Confluence Engineering has already started a draft plan for the remediation of the land eroded below the pond. However, revisions to the plan will need to continue until the snow is melted and the engineers can walk and review all areas damaged by erosion. As a result, remediation work will likely not start until after the normal spring runoff.

Photos of vac truck used for casing pipe cleaning and small equipment used to remove any unsuitable material on March 15, 2016

March 13, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.