03.08.16 Update

Water Testing & Pond Repair

Water Testing & Quality: Testing continues on all upstream and downstream waters of the Gallatin River. Independent water quality testing is being performed by MDEQ and a collaboration of Gallatin River Task Force, Confluence Engineering and YC. Test results may take some time to complete as the process is very comprehensive. Once we receive data from our efforts, we will post information to our site. Water quality in the Gallatin River is visibly getting better daily and we are optimistic that our test results will reflect the same.

Well Testing: Gallatin River Task Force, with the support of Big Sky Water and Sewer District, are distributing well testing kits at the post office this afternoon. YC has set up an account with the local lab to handle all costs associated with the testing.  We will continue to do this as necessary. If anyone needs additional testing kits please, contact community@yellowstoneclub.com and we will provide the testing kits.

Repair Plans: Yesterday, engineers from Morrison Maierle Inc. from Helena and Bozeman were assembled to start drawing plans for the repair of the pond to ensure safe use of the pond following the incident. Following the engineering assessment, we spoke with MDEQ on initial repair plans. This is a collaborative effort which will involve approval from MDEQ. The group assembling the repair recommendation include: geotechnical engineers, Big Sky Water and Sewer District engineers and Morrison Maierle Inc. MDEQ engineers are scheduled for a site visit tomorrow (3/9) to further evaluate repair recommendations.

Today, civil construction crews are continuing to prepare the site for the pending repair effort. This includes gravel working pads, ice removal, liner removal and assembling additional materials.

Photos of breach location as of March 8 at 9:00 a.m. EST and photo of Second Mule Creek as of March 7 at 3 p.m. MST