03.09.16 Update

Pond Repairs On Track

Repair Plans: Today we are continuing to evaluate the best approach to the repair. We are working on a repair plan with the MDEQ, BSWSD and other stakeholders. They were onsite at Yellowstone Club today and we are hopeful to start some of the repairs in the next 48 hours.

Water Testing & Quality: Testing of the waterways is still ongoing by us, as well as other community groups.  We expect to see the first results of our testing soon.  For all testing results please visit Gallatin River Task Force. Although we do not anticipate any issues with drinking water quality, we are advocating that people with wells downstream have their water tested. YC will pay for all well sampling lab fees in the area for the next 12 months. Please email us if you’d like to receive a free sampling kit.

 Community: Today, representatives from YC attended a board meeting at the Big Sky Water and Sewer District to discuss the leak and share updates. Our goal is to ensure the community feels updated and informed about the issue.  We welcome questions to our email address (community@yellowstoneclub.com).

Photo of engineers inspecting breach location on March 9 at 1:00 p.m. EST

3-9-16 Engineers inspecting breach location.jpeg